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Rodeo Crowns are different than normal adjustable band crowns because they have a larger band diameter. Some rodeo crowns have an adjustable slider while others have a chain link hook and eye closer. There are some styles of tiaras that can be used as rodeo hat tiaras if they lack side combs. Reasonably priced rodeo queen crowns can be difficult to find. Because the demand is not as great as other pageant styles, many online crown shops do not carry them. If they do, often the selection is limited. There are some online pageant supply shops that are starting to build a nice selection of rodeo styles.


From Tiara Connection:


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Adjustable Band crown and rodeo queen crown

TC09-28231AD Adjustable Band Crown - As low as $17.95


TR301AD Adjustable Band Crown

TR301AD Adjustable Band Crown - As low as $35.95


Rodeo Queen Crown

TC0624BRO Adj. Crown (Lg Band/Rodeo) -Priced at $22.50


Star Rodeo Crown

StarRWBRO Adjustable Crown (Lg Band/Rodeo) - Priced at $22.50






Sites with a higher price range -


We found Rhinestone Tiaras USA to be expensive, but they do offer a nice selection of style options.


From Rhinestone Tiaras USA:


A33358   Priced at $359.50


A33335 - Priced at $258